Rangiroa Plongee

Rangiroa Plongee is a dive shop located in Rangiroa in the French Polynesian Islands. Rangiroa Plongee is owned and operated by Rene Fels who is also an instructor at the dive center. Located only a short distance from the wharf which is close to the most famous dive site in the area, Tiputa Pass, Rangiroa Plongee is in a very convenient location.

In 2008, Rene Fels started the dive shop and has not looked back since. Rene is an active member in a shark observation initiative which is aimed to research sharks so we can better understand how to protect them. Rene is also very active in other conservation initiatives such as The Sea Shepherd who actively try to protect the oceans which we love to dive in. Rangiroa Plongee is an Ambassador Dive Center of Longitude 181 Charter.

The Shop

Our shop is very conveniently located near the wharf in Tipata. We have both indoor and outdoor areas which make it perfect for the climate here in Rangiroa.

The Boat

At Rangiroa Plongee we operate an inflatable vessel which is perfect for diving in the area. Our boat is captained by Teapata who has been confidently navigating these waters for years.